Jeremy Lee Intro Questions

  1. Provide your name, major, year in school (sophomore, junior, etc).
  2. Jeremy Lee, Architecture, Sophomore

  3. Tell me a bit about your background and what prompted you to take this class.
  4. I was always interested in this topic, and I thought it was a good opportunity for me to learn a bit more about this area.

  5. Do you have any experience with HTML/CSS/JS? If so, tell me a bit about it.
  6. I tried to learn HTML/CSS/JS by myself during highschool, but technically I don't have any experience with it.

  7. Name one thing you hope to learn in this class.
  8. I would like to have strong fundamentals on HTML/CSS/JS.

  9. Name one way you expect designing for screen to be different from designing for paper.
  10. You can draw literally anything you want but design for screen is a bit different since the people have to interact within the screen.

  11. Provide a link to a website you think exemplifies effective design. Explain your choice.
  12. This website is one of my favorite website that has an effective design. They are a new startup electric car company from Silicon valley. This car meant to be futuristic, and I think their website really delivers their futuristic feeling effectively.

  13. Provide a link to a website you think exemplifies effective communication. Explain your choice.
  14. Apple has a great website that exemplifies effective communication. I think their simple layout really stands out so that literally everyone can easily identify their products on the website.

  15. Provide a link to a website you think works well. Explain your choice.
  16. Google is a great website that it works well all the time. I never have a problem when I use it. Not only me but millions of other users are using this website without any technical issue since its so simple.